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Barbara Boxer, Santa Monica, October 28th 2004
The following pictures are from the 10/28/04 Barbara Boxer for Senate campaign rally in Santa Monica, CA. Thanks to Justin for sharing them with me! Click each image for a larger view! He also sent me video's from the show (mp3's to come too!), they are online in the Multimedia Section! Please do not use these images without crediting Justin and Thanks!
 DSC01080  DSC01083  DSC01084  DSC01085  DSC01086
DSC01080 DSC01083 DSC01084 DSC01085 DSC01086
 DSC01087  DSC01088  DSC01089  DSC01090  DSC01092
DSC01087 DSC01088 DSC01089 DSC01090 DSC01092
 DSC01093  DSC01098  DSC01099  DSC01100  DSC01101
DSC01093 DSC01098 DSC01099 DSC01100 DSC01101
 DSC01102  DSC01104  DSC01105  DSC01106  DSC01107
DSC01102 DSC01104 DSC01105 DSC01106 DSC01107