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Welcome to Unprodigal Alanis
The first complete 2005 European show is up!
 Date: 25 Apr 2005
Thanks to Jorre for recording the show! It is from Brussels, Belgium, 4/24/05. It's decent quality. The highlights are "Spineless", "Your House", and "Wake Up". Enjoy!

Donator only video download online!
 Date: 20 Apr 2005
Thanks for your continued donations to keep my site running, I have transferred around 400gb just this month (April) so far, and your support keeps my site running!

If you made a donation to my site and don't have access to the file, email me with your PayPal email address and approximate date you donated and I'll upgrade your account on my site to donator level at once!

Thanks and enjoy!!!
Just uploaded a pressed bootleg! "I Saved My Soul"
 Date: 17 Apr 2005
Hey guys,

I just uploaded one of my favorite pressed bootleg CDs. It's from 1999 but has a couple different shows on it. Enjoy it! The 1995 show is great!!!

Donation Time guys!
 Date: 06 Apr 2005
Okay folks,

time for me to give that every-so-often donation please speech Smile Since my site re-opened in mid January I've already racked up MORE THAN 1/2 A TERABYTE of usage (500+gb). About 166gb of transfer a month! If you guys can please donate by using the PayPal button on the side, please help out!

As some of you guys know, this summer is going to be HUGE for live recordings, almost every show WILL be recorded Surprised , and I will be hosting them all!

So help me keep this site going!
Alanis on MTV Cribs now online!
 Date: 04 Apr 2005
Hey guys,

just uploaded Alanis' segment on MTV cribs this past week. The file is a DVD Mpeg file, ready to be burned to DVD! It's huge, so 56k beware! Enjoy!

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